Meandering with Purpose

•15 February 2010 • Leave a Comment

Greetings and welcome to “Transits and Treats.”

Transitions are about the only thing consistent in my life.

My husband says that one of my best qualities is loyalty. That makes me think of a mindless golden retriever but he insists it is something to be proud of.
Though I may be loyal that does not make life consistent. In the past decade I have moved at least once a year. From cross town to cross country to across the world. We tried to settle down and bought a house last year, then 5 months later my husband accepted a job half way around the world – our biggest move yet.

Through it all there has been a definite current of purpose and moving forward toward something good – towards dreams and desires we have had since long before we met.

I hope you will join me as we explore what’s around the next bend.